(Taupo) Thai Delight Restaurant


After spending the second day at Hobbiton, my family and I traveled south to Taupo on the third and surprisingly, many restaurants were closed on that day. One of the few places we came across that were still operating was Thai Delight Restaurant, which we ultimately chose to have for dinner. Parking was easy to find and the restaurant itself was located at an accessible area, close to the city center. One of the most noticeable things here was the plethora of potted plants and flowers, and an extremely friendly waiter who welcomed us immediately at the entrance. The food was generally pretty good although I found them a tad pricey for their portion, and on a less important aspect, that their dish presentation were pretty much similar. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the food and warm reception received that evening.

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(Melbourne) Vegie Bar


Vegie Bar is a very popular vegetarian restaurant located on Brunswick Street. It offers a diverse range of dishes, including both Western and Asian cuisines, so there would be one that suits your taste. The restaurant is always filled with people and is conveniently opened every day. Vegie Bar is also a popular destination for a night our during the weekends, so don’t be surprised if you’re placed on the waiting list. Want to try out delicious vegetarian dish? Vegie Bar’s the place to go.

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(Melbourne) Lanna Thai


As a big fan of Thai cuisine, I was thrilled when one of my friends recommended Lanna Thai to me. The smallish restaurant is located right across the street from The Royal Women’s Hospital, so University of Melbourne students take note – it’s not too far away from the Parkville campus! When we arrived, the restaurant was already packed with customers who were enjoying their lunch, with the exception of several empty reserved tables. The first impression I had of Lanna Thai was how positively quaint its interior and decoration were, including those funky seats pictured above. All in all, my friend and I had a great meal, stuffing ourselves with several Thai dishes that we’ve been craving for some time now. We ordered the food below and they were just the right amount to make us full. Continue reading

(Melbourne) Shakahari Vegetarian & Shakahari Too


Shakahari Vegetarian


Shakahari Too

A few days ago, a friend of mine suggested eating at a vegetarian restaurant close to our campus. I’m really glad I got to know about the restaurant, Shakahari Vegetarian, and it’s officially my favourite vegetarian restaurant at the moment. Shakahari Vegetarian is right around the corner of Lygon Street, and close to the University of Melbourne, so it’s very convenient to get there. I’ve never really been a big fan of vegetarian dishes since I’m a meat-lover myself, but the restaurant exceeded my expectations.

To clear things up, Shakahari Vegetarian and Shakahari Too are two different restaurants located at different places but share a parent company. Shakahari Vegetarian is located in Carlton while Shakahari Too is in South Melbourne. I tried Shakahari Too and since they’re so similar in terms of the dishes they serve, I’ve decided to review them both at the same time. To make things easier, I’ll review Shakahari Vegetarian first in all aspects, followed by Shakahari Too. Unfortunately, both restaurants don’t offer a wide variety of dishes, and I personally prefer the dishes I’ve tried in Shakahari Vegetarian. Continue reading

(Bandung) The Duck King – Dim Sum

We love dim sum. Our whole family does. From time to time we’ll eat at another one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Bandung – The Duck King. It’s located inside the Paris Van Java Mall, arguably the most popular mall around. Convenient huh? Anyway, for this food trip, we only had dishes that are listed on the paper menu (placemat) for dim sum. We’ll probably give a different review for the other non-dim sum dishes another day. Continue reading

(Bandung) Jing Paradise Dim Sum

Every Sunday, we’d go out for breakfast and the first thing that always comes to mind is Dim Sum. This Sunday, we went to Jing Paradise – a Chinese fine dining restaurant. “Fine dining” sounds like $$$$ but surprisingly enough, the Dim Sum menu won’t cost you a diamond (assuming we have the same stomach capacity). Continue reading