(Melbourne) Mamasita


Mamasita is one of the most popular restaurants in Melbourne, which serves amazing Mexican food and tapas. However, even though the prices may seem affordable on the menu, chances are, you’ll probably buy a lot of dishes if you want to be full. Nonetheless, all of the dishes that I’ve tried at Mamasita (albeit not many) weren’t just mediocre, but all pretty good. It gets crowded really quickly, especially for dinnertime and weekends (since it has a bar), so remember to get there early. The first time I went to Mamasita, I didn’t realize the entrance was actually the little door right beside the 7-11 across the Collins St/Parliament tram station so I ended up missing it. The second time, I got there only 30 minutes after it opened and it was already crowded – I suppose it’s not considered one of the most famous restaurants around for nothing.

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