(Melbourne) Izakaya Hachibeh


Izakaya Hachibeh is one of the numerous Japanese restaurants in Melbourne’s CBD and located on Bourke Street, right across from the Russell St/Bourke St tram stop. During the last night of my cousins’ stay in Melbourne, we decided to have some Japanese and happened to stumble upon this restaurant. When we entered, the first thing I noticed was the prominently red interior from the decorations and light, and how lively and crowded the restaurant was. Even though the quality of the food is good, it wasn’t amazing. And I’m disappointed at how expensive and little the portion of the food is here, so I thought it wasn’t really worth the value for money.

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(Bandung) Sushi Groove

I love food in general but if I had to choose, I’d say my all-time favorite food is sushi. Although there are many Japanese restaurants in Bandung, I think many would agree that Sushi Groove is one of the best places to go to for consistent quality and delicious sushi (and of course many other dishes on the menu). I won’t say it is very authentic however, because I’m sure most of the dishes served have been slightly modified to suit Indonesians’ palate. You will notice a wide range of sushi choices with many of them that are spicy (yes, we love to make almost everything we consume spicy) or include fried ingredients to give the sushi an extra crunch. Despite the low score on authenticity, the place is a must-try – I’m a regular! In addition to that, Sushi Groove is strategically located in Bandung’s most-visited shopping mall – Paris Van Java, widely known as just PVJ. That’s shopping and good food put in one place! Continue reading

(Melbourne) Tsubu Bar

Tsubu Bar - Outside

A friend of mine and I have endeavored to try out food from different places once a week – we’re going to graduate soon and there’s still so much food that we haven’t tried yet! It’s become some sort of a ritual now, and we’d look up different restaurants or cafes that we could try in the future. One of the restaurants we came across was Tsubu Bar, a Japanese restaurant that is located within the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus. It’s just a few meters from the entrance of Gate 6, which is on Swanston Street and next to the Sidney Myer Asia Central. You could see plenty of the university’s staff and students dining both indoors and outdoors (although I would suggest to sit indoors during fall and winter seasons due to unpredictable weather and falling leaves). I’ve tried a couple of the dishes from Tsubu Bar, but never really had the chance to try out the drinks. The atmosphere here is pretty chill and ideal to have a chat with friends, or even to work on assignments while nibbling on some food.

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(Melbourne) Kokoro Ramen


I went to a Japanese ramen restaurant located in the CBD recently since it always looks like it’s crowded. The ramen’s portion is pretty big, enough for someone with a relatively large appetite, or it can be shared between two people (that is, if you’re not too hungry). I like the customization that it allows for customers, for example, if you find the portion too small, you can add extra toppings and/or noodles. I won’t consider it to be the best ramen I’ve tried, but it’s quite conveniently located, opens everyday, and not too pricey for its portion. Continue reading