(Sydney) Jamie’s Italian


One of the best dinners my cousins and I had while we were in Sydney was at Jamie’s Italian. We’ve heard plenty of positive reviews about this restaurant so we decided to try it since there isn’t one in Melbourne. Jamie’s Italian in Sydney is one of the restaurant’s international branches opened by well-known celebrity chef Jamie Oliver back in 2011. We definitely had high expectations for it, especially since it’s so popular, and it’s common to see large groups of people waiting for their turn to be seated. On this note, it’s better to make a reservation online (on their website) just in case you have to wait for a long time to be able to get a seat. Jamie’s Italian is located in the CBD, so it’s easily accessible (right next to Pie Face) and is also opened every day. We really had a blast that night and ended up staying for hours!

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(Melbourne) Universal


The second day my cousins came to visit, my brother and I showed them around the city and we settled on having lunch at Lygon Street. Call us indecisive, but even after walking past the numerous restaurants there, we were still contemplating on what to eat until we decided on Universal. It might seem strange to think that we were struggling to make a decision especially when we’re on the famous Little Italy, but speaking from experience, we’ve either not been to the right places, or truly exceptional restaurants that serve good food at reasonable prices which live up to their expectations are rare despite the competition in the area. Universal may not be one of the representative restaurants when one mentions Lygon Street, but it was still one of those “above-average” restaurants which accommodated us satisfactorily. Given the list of different restaurants at Lygon Street that I’m hoping I’ll be able to try out at least once, I probably won’t be coming back unless I’m seeking for assurance of food quality (when I can’t be bothered to try out new stuff), or when I’m seriously craving for some chicken parma.

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