(Kaikoura) Tutis Restaurant & Bar


Tutis Restaurant & Bar was one of the most frequently mentioned restaurants I was recommended to go to by the locals at Kaikoura. Located near to the petrol stations and New World Supermarket, and just a few minutes’ drive from the city center, Tutis is hard to miss and is easily accessible by car. The restaurant was quite fancy and expensive, although it wasn’t exactly a fine-dining experience as well. (Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture of the restaurant’s exterior in the day, so I doubt you can tell how it looks like from the picture above.) Overall, even though most dishes were delicious, I thought some were too expensive in terms of value-for-money.

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(Melbourne) Laksa King


I’ve tried laksa several times in Melbourne but one of the best I’ve ever had has got to be from Laksa King. The restaurant is located in Flemington, so the environment is quiet and a little far from the city. Even though it’s less convenient to get to, the restaurant is opened everyday and the food is definitely worth it. Service wasn’t the best and the restaurant only accepts cash, but you can go to the Newmarket Plaza close by where there are several ATMs to withdraw cash from.

To get to Laksa King, you can take Tram 57 (goes along Elizabeth Street in the city) and alight at the Newmarket Plaza tram stop (takes around 30mins from the city but also depends on traffic), or board the Craigieburn Line train (from the city towards Craigieburn) and alight at Newmarket Station. Both tram stop and train station are within short walking distance from the restaurant. Happy eating!

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(Bandung) Two Cents *Non-brunch food

Second post on Two Cents! A couple of nights ago I decided to go to Two Cents to try their non-brunch food for dinner. Their brunch food, coffee, and cakes are considerably good, but my dinner experience that night was quite disappointing. It was almost a full house but a good cafe/restaurant would be able to maintain their quality of food and service. I think Two Cents didn’t manage to do that.

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(Bandung) Two Cents

Two Cents, a new cafe that was established recently in early 2014, is quickly becoming a hot spot for many people, especially youngsters in Bandung. The interior and concept of the cafe remind me so much of cafes back in Melbourne, but it is quite unique as compared to other cafes here in Bandung. Many cafes are straying away from the trend of having “cute” and heavily decorated concept and interior designs. Nowadays, it’s about simplicity and being a bit different from others. The menu is excellent, so is the location. Don’t miss it!

(*Link to Two Cents’ non-brunch food.)

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(Melbourne) Bali Bagus

Bali Bagus Exterior

It’s been barely two weeks back and I’ve already missed the food back home. Despite other scrumptious cuisine and food that can be easily found in Melbourne, there’s just something that makes me really miss some good ol’ Indonesian food from time to time. My brother suggested Bali Bagus for lunch so we went there with a couple of friends, and I’m glad to say that we’ve managed to leave a good impression of Indonesian cuisine on them. The restaurant is located in the CBD, a few blocks away from Melbourne Central, and close to RMIT University. Continue reading