(Melbourne) Top Paddock


As a city renowned for its coffee and brunch scene, it’s tough picking favorites here. But if I were to choose, Top Paddock would be sitting somewhere on that list of ‘Favorite Cafes’ (or something). I loved where it’s situated, the food, the service, the decor, the ambiance – everything. While the food wasn’t perfect nor to-die-for, it’s holistically one of the better cafes out there that I would often recommend to others. However, take note that I haven’t had a chance to be back here for a while now, and it seems that certain changes have been made to the menu.

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(Melbourne) Three Bags Full


There’s something serene and peaceful about cafes that lie on the outskirts, like Three Bags Full, which provided a quick departure from the hustle and bustle of the city that I was used to seeing most of the time. Food-wise, it offered the ‘standard’ breakfast and brunch menu that I have come to expect in Melbourne, and I thought it could do with experimenting with new dishes (though I wasn’t disappointed with the unconventional Japanese okonomiyaki pancake when they did). Trying to find breakfast and brunch where you don’t want to feel let down? Three Bags Full would be a pretty safe bet.

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(Christchurch) C1 Espresso


Overall Rating: 73%

C1 Espresso is arguably one of the most famous cafes in Christchurch that’s located in the central city, and is open seven days a week with long operating hours. The cafe reopened in its current location at High Street after the original premise was destroyed in the Canterbury earthquake. C1 Espresso is also huge on sustainability, where you can read more about it on its website. I didn’t get the opportunity to try out the breakfast options, but from what I did, the food was decent, but not fantastic. The interior was creative though, featuring a ‘school’-like theme (crayon-like sugar packs!) and in overall, uniquely decorated with bizarre elements including the pneumatic tubes and a sewing machine water dispenser.

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(Wellington) The Flight Coffee Hangar


The best coffee I had in New Zealand was probably here at The Hangar, where the cafe also offered decent brunch (which I didn’t think quite match up to its coffee, unfortunately). Located on the corner of Dixon and Willis Street, The Hangar is easily accessible and around 10 minutes’ walk from the famous Te Papa Museum. A friendly waitress greeted my family and I immediately after we entered the cafe, where it was crowded, lively, and bright. Customers can also purchase its merchandise on its website, including coffee, brewing equipment, and other gift ideas.

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(Auckland) Chuffed


A few months ago in winter, I went to New Zealand with my family for a short vacation, and I’d have to say that the scenery were absolutely amazing and beautiful. Our first stop was Auckland, and we went to try out Chuffed the next morning for breakfast. It was located in the CBD so it was easy to find and highly accessible (it’s inside the building at High Street where you’ll find a sign outside that points you to the direction), but I thought it was lacking a bit in terms of friendliness, not that we were exactly treated rudely either. Slightly disappointed with my coffee and decent-quality food, but I liked the cafe’s atmosphere and clean interior.

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(Melbourne) A La Folie Patisserie


A La Folie Patisserie is a cafe that is popular for its macarons and other various desserts, and is situated on the trendy shopping precinct of Chapel Street in South Yarra. As we were walking along the area on a lazy afternoon, my family and I decided to try out the macarons and coffee here since the desserts were so colorfully presented on the display window. Although the coffee didn’t live up to expectations, the macarons were delectable and I hope to try out the other desserts here someday. A La Folie Patisserie is opened everyday and is easily accessible – it’s a short walking distance from the South Yarra Station – and even closer to the tram stop at the intersection of Toorak Road and Chapel Street. The patisserie is also surrounded by numerous cafes, restaurants, and shops, and is an ideal location to take a break after all the walking and shopping.

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(Melbourne) Operator 25


Operator 25 is a popular brunch destination and cafe that’s within close walking distance from the Flagstaff Station and Flagstaff Gardens. Although it’s located on a more peaceful area of the CBD, Operator 25 is still lively and filled with people who like to enjoy a good cup of coffee or breakfast/brunch/lunch. Offering great food and ambiance, make sure to turn up earlier to save yourself the trouble of having to wait for seats!

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