Our Story

“If I were one of the seven deadly sins, I would be Gluttony.” – V

One afternoon in February 2014, we were deciding on where to eat in Bandung, and so we did what many people in this digital era would have done – Google. Much to our surprise however, we could not find restaurant reviews that could give us enough information to help us decide where to satisfy our hunger. It was then, when the idea of starting a blog on restaurant reviews appeared in our hungry heads. After substantial amount of brainstorming through many breakfasts, lunches and dinners, Cartolina Gourmet was born. That was the beginning of our food journey. Our dream is to one day be able to eat at as many food places as we can across the globe and review them personally.

We would like to share our food experiences and provide you with as much information as we can through our honest opinions, regardless of where we are. We hope to bring you along with us to this journey of food discovery and exploration, and have a great time, be it alone, or with friends and family. Let us spread the love!

Yours Truly,

V & W

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