(Melbourne) Gyoza Gyoza


Gyoza Gyoza, a cozy Japanese bar conveniently located on Little Bourke Street, was one of the few Japanese restaurants I’ve been to in Melbourne that actually offered something other than 1) sushi rolls, 2) donburi, or 3) ramen. It came to a point where I thought finding Japanese a la carte dishes in the city was challenging… Or perhaps I’ve just been looking in the wrong places all along. Nevertheless, the izakaya style bar offered an impressive selection of popular Japanese dishes, although among those that I’ve tried, some were excellent while others definitely had room for improvement.

 – General Review –

Overall Rating: 8.2/10

Pros 🙂

  1. An extensive range of dishes – from Tako Wasabi to German Potato – and a good balance of cold and hot food available.
  2. All Japanese tapas had a set price of $6.80 each, whether it’s the GyozaTakoyaki, or Salmon Yukki. (Note that this set price was exclusive of beverages and desserts.)
  3. Great atmosphere, and cozy due to size of the bar.
  4. Taste and quality of most dishes were decent.

Cons 😦

  1. Seats were limited and tended to be crowded most of the time.
  2. Mostly Japanese tapas served, and they weren’t exactly filling unless you order a lot of dishes (which could become quite pricey once added up).
  3. Staff were usually busy and it was difficult to even get their attention.

 – Food Experience –

[X] Recommended dishes are represented by a checked box (based on personal preferences).

 1. Salmon Yukki: [X]

Definitely my favourite from Gyoza Gyoza, the Salmon Yukki consisted of fresh diced salmon paired with onion, cubed cucumbers, and deep fried crispy wanton skin.

Salmon Yukki

Salmon Yukki

2. Crab Cream Croquette: [ ]

Incredibly rich, creamy and well-fried, yet not excessively oily. However, topping off an already creamy dish with more mayonnaise was too much for me.

Crab Cream Croquette

Crab Cream Croquette

3. Pan Fried Gyoza – Chef’s Special: [ ]

The Chef’s Special pan fried gyoza was decent at best, and I couldn’t taste anything special with the gyoza skin nor the filling.

Pan Fried Gyoza - Chef's Special

Pan Fried Gyoza – Chef’s Special

4. Soup Gyoza – Kimchi Pork: [X]

I enjoyed the soup gyoza more than the pan fried one, where the miso soup base presented a deeper flavor even though the gyoza itself was, once again, pretty disappointing.

Soup Gyoza - Kimchi Pork

Soup Gyoza – Kimchi Pork


Location: 115-117 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne – VIC, Australia (3000)

Contact number: +61 3 9663 0801

Website: Gyoza Gyoza

Operating hours: Sun – Thur: 12pm – 10:30pm

Fri: 12pm – 12:30am

Sat: 5pm – 12:30am

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