(Lake Tekapo) Thai Tekapo


Overall Rating: 45%

In general, I thought all of the dishes that I’ve tried here had a lot of room for improvement. But for practical reasons and cost constraints, Thai Tekapo served as a decent option for a filling and not-quite-so terrible meal. Although most of the dishes here were salty, the restaurant offered a fairly wide variety of options for food, and hopefully the other dishes are better than the ones I had.

 – General Review –

  • Price range: $$ (NZ$12 – $20)
  • Vegetarian dishes: Many Some Few
  • Service: 65%
  • Servicescape: 55%
    • Non-smoking area: Indoors



Amiable staff, offered takeaway options, and also accepted Visa and Mastercard. Thai Tekapo was fuss-free with little decoration and slightly dark and dingy, but conveniently located in the town center next and to Four Square supermarket.

– Food Experience –

 The Average:

1) Chicken Nibbles:

One of the better dishes that I tried here, the chicken wings were fragrant, and the Thai sauce was sweet and wasn’t spicy at all.

Chicken Nibbles - 5pcs ($7.90)

Chicken Nibbles – 5pcs ($7.90)

2) Pad Thai Chicken:

The Pad Thai with chicken was also, thankfully, decent, although I thought it lacked some of the usual toppings that the dish normally came with.

Pad Thai Chicken ($17.90)

Pad Thai Chicken ($17.90)

The Could-be-better:

 1) Pad Gra-Pow:

Too salty, and no basil leaves could be found.

Pad Gra-Pow ($18.90)

Pad Gra-Pow ($18.90)

2) Thai Green Curry Chicken:

The curry was too milky, sweet, and rich, and the dish generally lacked other flavors.

Thai Green Curry Chicken ($18.90)

Thai Green Curry Chicken ($18.90)

3) Tom Yum Mixed Vegetables:

Wasn’t spicy and sour enough, but overdid it on the salt instead.

Tom Yum Mixed Vegetables ($15.90)

Tom Yum Mixed Vegetables ($15.90)


Location: 120 Main Road, Lake Tekapo, Canterbury – New Zealand (7999)

Contact number: +64 3 680 6998

Operating hours: Mon – Sun: 12.30pm – 2.30pm; 5pm – 9pm

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