(Lake Tekapo) Mackenzies


Overall Rating: 68%

An accessible and convenient restaurant to get to in Lake Tekapo is Mackenzies, with great location (in the city center), long operating hours, and lots of parking space. The restaurant had an excellent view of the lake and mountain, a warm and comfortable interior, but I thought the food was average and prices were too expensive. Nevertheless, Mackenzies is a place you can go to for various occasions, be it for a date, drinks, a meal with a friends or family, or if you just want to find a clean and comfortable environment with decent food.

 – General Review –

  • Price range: $$$ (NZ$25 – $34)
  • Vegetarian dishes: Many Some Few
  • Service: 70%
  • Servicescape: 75%
    • Non-smoking area: Indoors


With a spacious interior and a beautiful view of the mountain and lake, Mackenzie’s seemed slightly fancier than most of the other restaurants we saw in Lake Tekapo. It’s ideal for families and large groups, and was located at the city center, which was easily accessible and with abundant parking spaces. Service was friendly and efficient, but one of the waiters accidentally spilled tartare sauce on one of us (from the Fish n’ Chips that’s reviewed below), even though the accident could have been prevented since they already knew that the board was slippery.

– Food Experience –

 The Average:

1) Custom Grill:

Liked the chips, and although it was fun cooking the meat by myself, I had to eat them quickly since they’re cooked pretty fast, and so I had to keep switching between the cooking and eating utensils, which became troublesome. Portion was just right, although it’s a bit expensive for the price, and the meats lacked some flavor.

Custom Grill - Chicken, Beef, Pork ($25.50)

Custom Grill – Chicken, Beef, Pork ($25.50)

The Could-be-better:

1) Lamb Shank:

Even though I had expected the fattiness, the lamb shank was way too fatty, and the whole dish tasted unbearably rich and greasy. On the bright side, the mutton was incredibly tender.

Lamb Shank ($25.80)

Lamb Shank ($25.80)

2) Fish n’ Chips:

Fish was good, and I liked the chips as well, but the tartare sauce just tasted odd. It was too sour, slightly bitter, and simply didn’t taste good. And what’s fish and chips without tartare sauce?! Way too pricey for what it’s worth.

Fish n' Chips ($28)

Fish n’ Chips ($28)


Location: State Highway 8, Late Tekapo, New Zealand (7999)

Contact number: +64 3 680 6886

Operating hours: Mon – Fri: 11.30am – late

Sat – Sun: 10am – late

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