(Auckland) Chuffed


A few months ago in winter, I went to New Zealand with my family for a short vacation, and I’d have to say that the scenery were absolutely amazing and beautiful. Our first stop was Auckland, and we went to try out Chuffed the next morning for breakfast. It was located in the CBD so it was easy to find and highly accessible (it’s inside the building at High Street where you’ll find a sign outside that points you to the direction), but I thought it was lacking a bit in terms of friendliness, not that we were exactly treated rudely either. Slightly disappointed with my coffee and decent-quality food, but I liked the cafe’s atmosphere and clean interior.

 – General Review –

  •  Service: 7.7/10

Friendliness was alright, although service was pretty prompt. Accepts both cash and card.

  • Servicescape: 8.4/10

Chuffed had a really clean, cozy, and warm interior, with a lit quaint fireplace in winter. The decorations and furniture were mostly white and wooden, and had a slightly more organic style to it as a whole. The cafe’s an ideal and relaxing place to hang out with family and friends.


  • Non-smoking area: Seats are indoors and smoke-free.
  • Vegetarian dishes: Yes, several vegetarian options available.
  • Price range: $$ (NZ$12 – $20 for most main dishes.)

Overall Rating: 7.3/10

 – Food Experience –

1) Mocha:

Milk was too hot, and consistency was too thin as if it’s diluted with water instead of milk. Pretty disappointed with the taste considering the cafe had great reviews and the presentation looked promising.

Mocha ($4)

Mocha (right) ($4)

2) Portobello Mushrooms + Poached Egg:

Portion was large and filling, and I loved the mushroom and cheese. The dish was a little sour (from the cheese and tomato), and the mushrooms weren’t watery. Eggs were also poached well, but the sourdough was tough and difficult to cut.

Portobello Mushrooms + Poached Egg ($19)

Portobello Mushrooms + Poached Egg ($19)

3) Eggs Any Style + Chai Cured Salmon:

For those who struggle with cutting toasted sourdough (like I do), the gluten free bread might be the solution for you (at least I was delighted with how easy and quick it was to cut them into pieces.) The bread’s portion may seem tinier, but it was dense and didn’t feel dry at all. The salmon was a bit too raw for my liking in the morning, but at least the taste of the chai was distinct. The poached eggs were great too.

Eggs Any Style + Chai Cured Salmon ($16)

Eggs Any Style + Chai Cured Salmon ($16)


Location: 43 High St, CBD, Auckland, New Zealand (1010)

Contact number: +64 9 367 6801

Website: Chuffed

Operating hours: Mon – Fri: 7am – 5pm

Sat – Sun: 9am – 5pm

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