(Melbourne) Oishi Kitchen


Oishi Kitchen offers pretty good quality Korean and Japanese food at reasonable prices, and it opens seven days a week for both lunch and dinner. It’s another one of those restaurants where you’re assured to be served decent meals when you’re unsure of what or where to eat. While walking around Prahran, my family and I weren’t sure of what to have for lunch and we decided on Oishi Kitchen in the end. Although there are other restaurants that may serve better quality meals or cheaper prices, Oishi Kitchen offers a wide selection of both Japanese and Korean food at pretty good values. We didn’t get to try any of the Lunch Specials or BBQ Sizzle this time, but we were quite satisfied with what we’ve ordered.

 – General Review –

  •  Service: 8.3/10

Service was quite prompt and friendly, and the restaurant accepts both card and cash. Restaurant also offers a wide variety of food.

  • Servicescape: 8.4/10

A clean, medium-sized restaurant located on Prahran, Oishi Kitchen has an interior that is simple with lots of wood furnishing. Jazz music was playing in the background, which created a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, and the restaurant’s also able to seat medium-sized groups.


  • Non-smoking area: Seats are indoors and smoke-free, but some outdoor seats available too.
  • Vegetarian dishes: Yes, several vegetarian options available.
  • Price range: $-$$ (AU$10 – $20 for most main dishes.)

Overall Rating: 8.2/10

 – Food Experience –

1) Takoyaki:

I really liked the takoyaki, which came in six pieces, and particularly the takoyaki sauce. I thought the filling could do with more octopus though, and it was a little pricey considering the portion.

Takoyaki - 6 pcs ($7)

Takoyaki – 6 pcs ($7)

2) Bibimbap:

The bibimbap’s portion may be too small for some, but the taste was good. It consisted of BBQ pork, beansprouts, and sliced vegetables including carrot and zucchini, and topped with a fried egg and seaweed. The gochujang, served in a separate bottle and mixed with sesame seeds, wasn’t spicy enough for me although those with lower spice-tolerance may enjoy it more than I do.

Bibimbap ($13)

Bibimbap ($13)

3) Vegi Bibimbap:

A vegetarian alternative to the bibimbap, the dish was equally delicious and could be a healthier option as well. However, the portion was also quite small and may not be very filling enough for most.

Vegi Bibimbap

Vegi Bibimbap

4) Chili Chicken Karaage:

One of my favorites out of all the dishes I’ve tried here so far, the chicken was well-coated and fried, although it was a little too sweet and wasn’t spicy enough. The dish comes with a bowl of rice and fresh salad with sesame dressing. I was also more satisfied with the portion, which was large enough to share between two people.

Chili Chicken Karaage ($14.70)

Chili Chicken Karaage ($14.70)


Location: 286 Chapel Street, Prahran – VIC, Australia (3181)

Contact number: +61 3 9913 4517

Operating hours: Mon – Sun: 11.30am – 10pm

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