(Melbourne) Peko Peko


Peko Peko is a popular restaurant that’s popular for its homestyle Taiwanese food and also Japanese dishes, and is normally bustling with customers during lunch and dinner times. The restaurant/cafe is located on a quiet area in South Melbourne, and not too far from the Shrine of Remembrance and St. Kilda Road. There are plenty of trams you can take to get to Peko Peko including 3, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, and 72, and it’s a few minutes’ walk after alighting at either the Domain Interchange/St. Kilda Road or Shrine of Remembrance/St. Kilda Road stop.

 – General Review –

  •  Service: 8/10

Service was good, improved considerably compared to the last time I went there a couple of years ago.

  • Servicescape: 8.2/10

Fairly spacious with quite a number of seats, and it’s usually crowded and loud inside, so people even queue outside at times when the cafe is packed. The design is quite modern, simple, warm, and decorated in a way that’s quite homely. The place is clean as well, and can seat a small to medium-sized group of people comfortably.


  • Non-smoking area: Seats are indoors and smoke-free, but some outdoor seats available too.
  • Vegetarian dishes: Yes, several vegetarian dishes available.
  • Price range: $$ (AU$8 – $15 for most main dishes.)

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

 – Food Experience –

1) Peko Sausage:

As much as I love Taiwanese sausages and the sauce that Peko Peko served them with, the portion was ridiculously tiny and the price was far too pricey for what it’s worth.

Peko Sausage ($8)

Peko Sausage ($8)

2) Chili Chicken:

The chicken was really tender and the sauce was savory, even though it wasn’t even spicy. The dish was also garnished with thinly-sliced carrots, broccoli, and dry chili, which added a pop of color to the presentation. The portion was also great for sharing between a couple of people. Recommended!

Chili Chicken ($13)

Chili Chicken ($13)

3) Mama Fried Chicken w/ Sweet Chili Mayo:

Another one of my favorites from Peko Peko, the Mama Fried Chicken was fried to perfection and crispy on the outside while the meat was soft inside. I loved the mayonnaise as well, and the dish wasn’t as salty as I expected it to be.

Mama Fried Chicken w/ Sweet Chili Mayo ($15)

Mama Fried Chicken w/ Sweet Chili Mayo ($15)

4) Earl Grey Tea Panacotta:

The panna cotta was undeniably smooth and dense, and although the black sesame ice cream melted quickly, it wasn’t too sweet. Both flavors blended really well together, but unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with the portion.

Earl Grey Tea Panacotta ($8)

Earl Grey Tea Panacotta ($8)

5) Green Tea Ice Cream Sundae:

Again, I thought they should have been more generous with the portion, but the dessert was great. I liked the dynamic presentation – a small scoop of green tea ice cream that was smooth and decently-sweet drizzled with condensed milk, and sprinkled with small strawberry bits and tiny chunks of warm brownie. I loved the mixture of various textures, colors, and tastes put into the dessert as well, although it’s definitely on the sweeter side. Nonetheless, I thought it was still a little too expensive.

Green Tea Ice Cream Sundae ($9.50)

Green Tea Ice Cream Sundae ($9.50)


Location: 190 Wells Street, South Melbourne – VIC, Australia (3205)

Contact number: +61 3 9686 1109

Operating hours: Mon – Fri: 11.30am-4pm; 5pm-9pm

Sat: 12pm-4pm; 5pm-9pm

Sun & Public Holidays: Closed

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