(Melbourne) Bowery to Williamsburg


I went to Bowery to Williamsburg with a friend with high expectations since it’s one of the most popular American restaurants/cafes in Melbourne. It’s a little short walk away from Federation Square and Flinders Street Station, but the cafe itself is located on a fairly quiet alleyway. The place was crowded with people and extremely noisy, especially inside, but the seats outside are mostly taken as well. I’ve only had the sandwich there, which was quite good, but I’d like to come back another day to try the coffee and perhaps the dessert as well.

 – General Review –

  •  Service: 8/10

Staff were quite friendly and food was served quickly. Not a large variety of dishes available, since it mainly focuses on American-style sandwiches, so if you’re not a big fan of sandwiches, take note.

  • Servicescape: 7.5/10

The place was quite small and seats were limited. Very loud and didn’t feel like I had much personal space. The cafe was highly reminiscent of an American-style bistro, and it exuded a really chill kind of atmosphere.


  • Non-smoking area: Seats are indoors and smoke-free, but outdoor seats available too.
  • Vegetarian dishes: Yes, several vegetarian dishes available.
  • Price range: $ – $$ (AU$13 – $17 for most main dishes.)

Overall Rating: 8/10

 – Food Experience –

1) Souper Soup of the Day:

The soup of the day consisted of leek, broccoli, potato, and served with cheese toasty. The soup was fragrant and delicious, and unexpectedly filling even though the portion didn’t seem that way. I thought it was quite healthy, and the soup was also suitable for vegetarians.

Souper Soup of the Day ($13)

Souper Soup of the Day ($13)

2) Wagyu Patty Melt Sandwich + Mac & Cheese:

The sandwich was great, and I loved how well the pickles went with it too. While ordering, I assumed that the sandwich itself wouldn’t be enough, so I ordered the mac & cheese side as well, although I didn’t expect the sandwich to come with pretzels and pickle too. I was bloated by the end of the meal, but it was satisfying nonetheless. I liked the mac & cheese, but felt like it became too rich especially since I was getting full. I’d recommend trying the Wagyu Patty Melt Sandwich, and for those who have a large appetite, adding one of the sides would be a good idea too.

Wagyu Patty Melt Sandwich + Mac & Cheese ($17)

Wagyu Patty Melt Sandwich + Mac & Cheese ($17)


Location: 16 Oliver Lane, Melbourne – VIC, Australia (3000)

Contact number: +61 3 9077 0162

Operating hours: Mon – Fri: 7.30am – 3pm

Sat – Sun: 8.30am – 3pm

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