(Melbourne) Le Miel Et La Lune

Le Miel Et La Lune

Le Miel Et La Lune is a popular destination for breakfast and brunch, and it’s just a short walking distance from the University of Melbourne. The cafe is normally filled with people, but not too packed that it becomes too noisy. It’s located on a fairly quiet street, so the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. The breakfast and lunch menu are served throughout the day, and there is also a variety of beverages available. There are also gluten-free options for quite a number of the dishes!

 – General Review –

  •  Service: 7.5/10

Friendly staff and prompt service, but forgot one of the orders. A decent number of food and drinks options available as well, and its dishes are generally well-presented.

  • Servicescape: 8/10

Lovely environment at Le Miel Et La Lune. From the outside, it looked very elegant and inviting. The cafe itself was very bright, airy, and spacious. There weren’t as many seats, but the decorations were simple and minimalist. The cafe looked clean and pretty as well, and it felt like a nice place to stay for a long time to relax and chat.



  • Non-smoking area: Yes, seats are indoors, but there are some outdoor seats as well.
  • Vegetarian dishes: A number of vegetarian dishes available, including the Vegetarian breakfast and SSAM Tofu/Mushroom.
  • Price range: $$ (AU$17 – $18.50 for most food dishes.)

Overall Rating: 8/10

 – Food Experience –

1) Mocha & Hot Chocolate:

The Mocha was pretty decent, but I thought the chocolate was lacking. The Hot Chocolate was really good and slightly more to the sweet side. Both drinks had really nice presentations!

Mocha ($3.80) & Hot Chocolate ($4)

Mocha ($3.80) & Hot Chocolate ($4)

2) Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs:

The scrambled eggs were a little dry, although the salmon was really well-cooked and wasn’t too salty. The dish was also served with spinach, feta, and slices of fresh tomatoes. The presentation was quite nice and the portion wasn’t very big.

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs ($17.50)

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs ($17.50)

3) Sweet Corn Fritter:

Although I thought the Sweet Corn Fritter was delicious, the portion was too generous so I got a little sick of it near the end. The corn fritters were a little burnt so it was crispy on the outside, and was served with sour tomato relish mixed with red onion, chili, and coriander. It’s also accompanied with bacon, and topped with sour cream and crushed avocado. It was a great dish, but I had to struggle to finish it, so I would probably suggest sharing it with others instead.

Sweet Corn Fritters ($18.50)

Sweet Corn Fritter ($18.50)


Location: 330 Cardigan Street, Carlton – VIC, Australia (3053)

Contact number: +61 3 9043 9767

Operating hours: Mon – Fri: 7am – 4pm

Sat – Sun: 7.30am – 3.30pm

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