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I’ve been to a few different Max Brenner in Melbourne and Singapore, and I’ve always been quite happy with each experience. I can’t say the same for the Max Brenner here at Sydney’s Westfield Mall, and even though my cousins and I thought the overall experience was decent, it fell short of our expectations. If I had to look at the bright side, I thought that the location was very convenient and highly accessible. It also had a more spacious merchandise section than the one I’m used to in Melbourne, and we enjoyed looking at all the various chocolates and things on display. However, I still felt like it wasn’t worth the value for money especially since the quality was lacking.

 – General Review –

  •  Service: 6.5/10

Service was just decent, most weren’t exactly friendly.

  • Servicescape: 7.7/10

I’ve always liked the atmosphere in Max Brenner, even though it can get quite loud when there are more people dining inside. The Max Brenner branch at Westfield was large with plenty of seats, complete with the standard Max Brenner interior including the color scheme, wooden furnishing, and warm lighting. It also has a fairly spacious merchandise corner.


  • Non-smoking area: Yes, all seats are indoors and smoke-free.
  • Vegetarian dishes: Who needs meat for dessert when you have chocolate?
  • Price range: $$ (AU$10 – $20 for most desserts, excluding beverages.)

Overall Rating: 6.7/10

 – Food Experience –

1) Crunchy Waffle Balls (Milk Chocolate):

I loved how the drink was served in a hug mug, since it’s perfect in winter. It had plenty of small crunchy waffle balls in the drink, but I thought it was a little too sweet and milky. Perhaps next time I’d try the dark chocolate one instead.

Crunchy Waffle Balls w/ Milk Chocolate ($6.30)

Crunchy Waffle Balls w/ Milk Chocolate ($6.30)

2) Tutti-Frutti Waffle (Double):

I really loved the Tutti-Frutti Waffle! Each of the waffles was thick, warm, and neither too crispy nor soft. The vanilla ice cream (chocolate flavor available) was velvety, smooth, and not too sweet. The scoop given was considerably large as well. Additionally, the bananas and strawberries complemented the dessert perfectly, and a generous amount was given too. The fruits were also bite-size and easy to eat. The milk chocolate sauce was also sweet, delicious, and completed the dessert. Definitely one of my favorites in Max Brenner from now on!

Tutti-Frutti Waffle - Double ($19.50)

Tutti-Frutti Waffle – Double ($19.50)

3) Choc-Banana Pizza:

The Choc-Banana Pizza was a disappointed when we first saw it – we had expected more bananas compared to the measly amount we were given. I mean, come on, there was even more marshmallows than bananas. The dessert was just average, in my opinion, nothing special. And again, it was very sweet. The “pizza” wasn’t cut very well either so it was difficult to separate the individual pieces at first.

Choc-Banana Pizza ($17.00)

Choc-Banana Pizza ($17.00)

4) Banana Praline Crepes:

The Banana Praline Crepes was also one of the desserts that we really enjoyed that afternoon. We were served with two crepes, which were both thin, soft, and warm. There was substantially more bananas served compared to the previous dessert mentioned above, and a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. The crepes were also drizzled with warm milk chocolate sauce.

Banana Praline Crepes ($16.50)

Banana Praline Crepes ($16.50)


Location: Level 6 Westfield Shopping Centre, Corner Pitt St Mall & Market Street, Sydney – NSW, Australia (2000)

Contact number: +61 2 9238 0022

Website: Max Brenner Chocolate Bar – Sydney Westfield

Operating hours: Mon – Thu: 9am-10.30pm

Fri – Sat: 9am-12am

Sun: 10am-10pm

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