(Sydney) Sushi & Grill @York Street


Sydney, second stop – Sushi & Grill @York Street. We came here for late dinner while walking around the CBD, after we had Ippudo in the evening. One thing my cousins and I noticed about Sydney was the abundance of Japanese restaurants in the city, and we’ve spotted those in the CBD alone. Well, we’re not exactly going to complain since the Japanese food that we’ve tried in Sydney were all really good. Even though most of the dishes were quite pricey compared to the portion, we really loved the sushi that we’ve tried here at Sushi & Grill @York Street! I thought that I should eat as much Japanese food as I can before heading back to Melbourne, since I was told that Sydney has plenty of wonderful Japanese restaurants around. Bottom line? Not disappointed.

 – General Review –

  •  Service: 7.7/10

A little bit of mixed-feeling about the service here. The first waitress wasn’t friendly, although another staff was helpful, friendly and even joked around with us for a bit.

  • Servicescape: 7.8/10

Atmosphere was nice and quite relaxing, as the restaurant was furnished with a lot of wooden furniture and decoration, and warm lights. The restaurant was quite small, but the decorations were simple and classy, and I reckon it’s a great place to go if you prefer somewhere quiet.

Sushi& Grill @York Street

  • Non-smoking area: Yes, the seats are indoors and smoke-free.
  • Vegetarian dishes: Yes, but somewhat limited.
  • Price range: $$ (AU$14 – $20 for most main dishes.)

Overall Rating: 8.2/10

 – Food Experience –

1) Small Sashimi:

The sashimi (comprised of salmon, tuna and white fish) was very fresh. Served with a dollop of wasabi, some ginger and a small slice of lemon on the side for you to adjust to your taste. However, I thought it was too pricey for the portion that was given.

Small Sashimi ($14.50)

Small Sashimi ($14.50)

2) Grilled Scallop Roll:

Loved the Grilled Scallop Roll! The scallop was very fresh and soft, and tasted a little raw since it was only slightly cooked on the outside. The sushi also tasted quite sweet, and there was avocado, crab and cucumber inside. The dish came in eight pieces, and topped with black caviar.

Grilled Scallop Roll ($15)

Grilled Scallop Roll ($15)

3) Spider Roll:

We thoroughly enjoyed the Spider Roll! Came in five pieces, although each piece was a little big. The soft shell crab was amazing, quite crispy, and was accompanied by cucumber and lettuce.

Spider Roll ($9)

Spider Roll ($9)

4) Grilled Garlic Beef:

The Grilled Garlic Beef was a great dish, although I couldn’t finish the large chunks of garlic since it was too spicy for me. I don’t mind minced ones but eating whole cloves of garlic was quite a challenge. The grilled beef was delicious though – the meat wasn’t tough, the portion was perfect, and even came with garlic sauce (tasted a little like peanut too). The garlic sauce was sour and sweet, but got a little rich towards the end. I loved the sizzling sauce at the bottom of the hot plate too that came with the veggies, although it got too sweet after a while. The dish came with a bowl of rice.

Grilled Garlic Beef ($15.50)

Grilled Garlic Beef ($15.50)

5) Grilled BBQ Beef:

The Grilled BBQ Beef was quite similar to the Grilled Garlic Beef, and was delicious – tender meat and the BBQ sauce was amazing. The dish also came with a bowl of rice.

Grilled BBQ Beef ($14.50)

Grilled BBQ Beef ($14.50)

6) Chili Calamari (Squid):

If you’re craving for some stir-fried dish, the Chili Calamari might be a good choice to try. The squid was really good – still very fresh – but what really impressed me was the sauce. It wasn’t very spicy but was quite sweet instead. The stir-fry dishes are all served with salad and steamed rice.

Chili Calamari ($15.50)

Chili Calamari (Squid) ($15.50)


Location: 119 York St, Sydney – NSW, Australia – 2000

Contact number: +61 2 9264 7888

Operating hours: Mon – Fri: 11.30am-10pm

Sat: 5.20pm-10pm

Sun: Closed

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