(Bandung) Sushi Groove

I love food in general but if I had to choose, I’d say my all-time favorite food is sushi. Although there are many Japanese restaurants in Bandung, I think many would agree that Sushi Groove is one of the best places to go to for consistent quality and delicious sushi (and of course many other dishes on the menu). I won’t say it is very authentic however, because I’m sure most of the dishes served have been slightly modified to suit Indonesians’ palate. You will notice a wide range of sushi choices with many of them that are spicy (yes, we love to make almost everything we consume spicy) or include fried ingredients to give the sushi an extra crunch. Despite the low score on authenticity, the place is a must-try – I’m a regular! In addition to that, Sushi Groove is strategically located in Bandung’s most-visited shopping mall – Paris Van Java, widely known as just PVJ. That’s shopping and good food put in one place!

– General Review –

  • Service: 6.5/10

I think the service here varies depending on when you visit. When it’s crowded, food sometimes take quite a while to be served. Otherwise, food is served relatively quickly. The staff are mostly friendly and can answer your questions regarding the menu.

** Note: Cold and hot ocha are refillable.

  • Servicescape: 7/10

The indoor area of the restaurant is quite dark in general. The lighting is not bright enough and the walls are dark coloured. There is not much decoration put up and the overall theme of the restaurant doesn’t really stand out. I think generally it is a place suitable for youngsters. Those who need back support while sitting and eating might find it a bit uncomfortable dining here because there are no back support for all the chairs indoor. However, the restaurant is clean, tidy, and fuss-free. The menu offers a huge range of options and they are mostly delicious!

  • Non-smoking area: Yes, indoor area is non-smoking.
  • Vegetarian dishes: There are some dishes that are meatless, however, there is a limited number of dishes you can choose from.
  • Price range: Rp. 18.000 – Rp. 100.000

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

 – Food Experience – 

1) Krakatau Roll & Fire Island Roll:

These are the top two dishes on my list for this restaurant. Fire Island Roll is a lot spicier than Krakatau Roll, but they are both amazing. The taste of the smoked beef wrapping the Fire Island Roll is distinct and the accompanying mayonnaise is yummy. The Krakatau Roll is crunchy and I love how it’s bite-sized so you can just pop everything into your mouth. I always order both of them whenever I dine here. ** Note: Now you can order just half the portion of some food on the menu. More stomach space to try different dishes!

Left: Krakatau Roll Right: Fire Island Roll

Left: Krakatau Roll (Half portion – Rp 29000) Right: Fire Island Roll (Half portion – Rp 45000)

2) Salmon Nigiri Mentaiko:

Fresh, delicious salmon on very well-made sushi rice, topped with tasty mayonnaise. Two thumbs up!

Salmon Nigiri Mentaiko

Salmon Nigiri Mentaiko (Rp 33000)

3) Chicken Salad Mayo Gunkan:

I can be fairly sure this is a new addition to the menu. I think it’s too big and tall to be savored in one bite. But eating it in two bites can be messy because the seaweed (nori) is tough and is difficult to be bitten in half. It was generally not amazing taste-wise. Chicken was fried and just mixed with a lot of mayonnaise. It felt a bit like eating mayonnaise with bits of chicken on sushi rice wrapped with nori. Much room for improvement.

Chicken Mayo Salad Gunkan

Chicken Mayo Salad Gunkan (Rp 29000)

4) Green Tea Ice Cream:

I’m a huge fan of green tea (matcha) but this ice cream was a bit disappointing. The green tea taste was not outstanding and the ice cream itself wasn’t smooth. Then again, Sushi Groove isn’t an ice cream parlour, so I guess it’s forgivable.

Green Tea Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream (Rp 18000)


Location: Paris Van Java Jl. Sukajadi no. 137-139. (Ground floor, closer to the end where SOGO is)

Contact number:  +62 22 8206 3600

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 11am – 10pm

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