(Bandung) Two Cents

Two Cents, a new cafe that was established recently in early 2014, is quickly becoming a hot spot for many people, especially youngsters in Bandung. The interior and concept of the cafe remind me so much of cafes back in Melbourne, but it is quite unique as compared to other cafes here in Bandung. Many cafes are straying away from the trend of having “cute” and heavily decorated concept and interior designs. Nowadays, it’s about simplicity and being a bit different from others. The menu is excellent, so is the location. Don’t miss it!

(*Link to Two Cents’ non-brunch food.)

Two Cents4

 – General Review –

  • Service: 7.5/10

This is one of the few restaurants/cafes I know in Bandung that requires you to order your food and pay at the counter upfront. So no more “Okay let’s go! Oh wait… I almost forgot we have to pay for the bill.” However, you get a number and you can wait for your food to be served at your table, while enjoying the free Wi-Fi (some seats have electrical outlets nearby so you can charge your gadgets and not have to worry about QuizUp draining your battery). Most of the staff were friendly and informative, if you have any questions about the menu, but I have also heard from other friends about their poor experience here in terms of knowledgeable staff.

  •  Servicescape: 7.5/10

I personally like the atmosphere and decor of the cafe. I love the colour combination of brown and black from the wood and metal painted with black. I like the graffiti on the walls and the lighting of the whole place. It can get very crowded during the weekends so it’s not for those who don’t like too much noise. I have also been told by some that Two Cents could have chosen better furniture. I think it depends. I don’t mind sitting on a metal chair that’s not as comfortable as one that is cushioned. If you do, you might complain about it too.

  • Non-smoking area: Yes. The indoor area is non-smoking, but they do have an outdoor area for the smokers.
  • Vegetarian dishes: They’ve got several salad choices and some other delicious dishes that are meat-free.
  • Price range: $-$$ (Rp18.000 – Rp60.000 for food & drinks)

Overall Rating: 7.8/10

 – Food Experience –

1) Bacon and Egg Bagel:

The dish is amazing for breakfast or brunch. I’m not a fan of bacon (Yeah yeah… jest all you want), but the bacon here wasn’t as oily or salty as those that I have tried. The bagel was so delicious and the chia seeds gave it enough fragrance and texture. You can buy the chia seeds in little containers at the counter if you want. The potato chips were crispy and the raw vegetables at the side… well let’s just say, they’re the usual – green. It’s difficult to find good food for brunch, but I think I’ve found The One.

Bacon and Egg Bagel

Bacon and Egg Bagel

2) Mushroom Melts:

My #2 choice for breakfast/brunch. Vegetarians! This one’s meat-free and yummy. I love the rich earthy-taste of the mushroom, and the bread was spread with garlic-y butter. The chips were addictive as always, but one of the drawbacks was that the portion was pretty small and perhaps just enough for one to feel satisfied.

Mushroom Melts

Mushroom Melts

3) Sinful Chocolate Cake & Red Velvet Nougat:

My ultimate number one food from Two Cents – Red Velvet Nougat. I’d come here to enjoy just the cake (and perhaps a cup of coffee). So far, it’s got the best Red Velvet cake I’ve tried from all the cafes in Bandung that I’ve been to. It’s not overly sweet, it’s got some chunky chocolate flakes in the cream cheese, and it’s so moist. Other cakes to try: Sinful Chocolate Cake for chocolate lovers, Apple Crumble Tart, Chocolate Brownies, Green Tea Chiffon Cake (it was light, fluffy, but moist. somehow it was ‘cooling’ in the mouth, and it wasn’t too sweet), etc. Indulge in the yummy goodness!

Left: Sinful Chocolate Cake Right: Red Velvet Nougat

Left: Sinful Chocolate Cake Right: Red Velvet Nougat

Two Cents Cakes

4) Mocha:

I’m a fan of milky coffee, namely cafe latte, cappuccino, and mocha. The ones served here were pretty good, although they’re not the best. I like that they put in satisfactory amount of effort into the coffee art unlike some other cafes. The hot chocolate was nothing out of the ordinary, but the tea was served in a french press, which I like because it made me think that it’s good value for money. The Blue Lagoon drink looked funky, but it was a very refreshing drink (even though it smelled a bit like dish-washing soap, the taste made up for it.)




Location: Jl. Cimanuk no. 2 (Corner of Jl. RE Martadinata (Riau) and Jl. Cimanuk), Bandung, Indonesia

Contact number: + 62 (022) 4261336

Facebook: Two Cents Facebook Page

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